The Devil’s Army – Out Today


Hereward The Devil’s Army is published in paperback today.

I wanted to add a brief note of thanks to all who bought the first novel and are thinking of buying this one.  The book publishing market has never been tougher, and it’s only with the support of readers that any one-man-band author can get any traction.  I’m truly grateful for any and all support.

If you liked the book, then a brief review on Amazon *really* helps – the company pushes books that get a lot of review attention or likes.  Even just mentioning the novel to a family member or friend is great.  With thousands of books published every year, it’s easy to get missed in the torrent.

To all readers, I salute you – thanks for giving me the opportunity to tell these stories.

New Facebook Site Now Live

If you’re on Facebook, head on over to and ‘like’ the page. It’ll be a more chatty site than here, where I talk about things I’m doing and places of interest that I’m visiting, as well as historical news items of note.

There’ll also be some exclusive content in the form of extracts, competitions and the like – and if you want to talk to me, that’s the place (or Twitter!)