Hereward The Immortals – Out Today

Surrounded on all sides by enemies in the Roman Empire, Hereward and the Spear-brothers must fight as never before.  We have a Norman adventurer, as that military force continues to spread its tentacles across Europe.  And have we forgotten England and our friends and enemies there?  No, we haven’t.

This is a turning point in the lives of Hereward and his allies.  Here’s the UK Amazon link.

Hereward V

New Book Deal

As book five of the Hereward saga (The Immortals – more on that soon) winds its way towards publication in July, I thought I should warn the world that I have just signed a new three-book deal with my publishers, Penguin Random House.  Here’s the announcement, as featured in The Bookseller:

Transworld has acquired a new trilogy about the Pendragon bloodline by James Wilde.

Editor Simon Taylor acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to the Dark Age trilogy from Euan Thorneycroft at A M Heath.

Taylor said: “The story of Arthur is timeless and has been told and retold many, many times before but James is going back even further to recount an untold story – that of the dynasty that culminated in this nation’s most enduring legend.

“You could call it the prequel to the Arthurian legend if you like – and James, with his unerring ability to bring period, place, people and, let’s cut to the chase here, sword-shattering battles to life, is just the storyteller to do it.

“The Dark Age trilogy is going to be exciting, action-packed historical fiction at its epic best and I for one can’t wait.”

Pendragon, the first novel in the Dark Age trilogy, is likely to be published in 2016 in hardback, e-book and then paperback editions, said Transworld.

A New Era For Hereward

In July, expect to see a brand new Hereward story.  It now has a name – Wolves of New Rome – and it follows on seamlessly from the end of End of Days.

Here’s the blurb:

1072 – The great battle has been lost. King William stands victorious. And for the betrayed and abandoned English rebels, the price of their crushing defeat is cruel: exile.

Cut adrift from family, friends, home, their hopes of survival lie with one man, their leader Hereward. But can even that now-legendary hero navigate a safe course across a world torn by war? Their ultimate destination is the jewelled heart of the Christian emperor in the East, the New Rome – Byzantium. Here the English hope to find gold and glory by joining those pledged to protect the emperor, the elite and savage Varangian Guard. But this once-mighty empire is slipping into shadow. Beyond the vast walls, the endless Turkish hordes plan for an attack that could come at any moment. And within the sprawling city, rival factions threaten bloody mayhem as they scheme to seize the crown.

Here begins a new chapter in the stirring tale of England’s forgotten hero. But now the enemies are hidden, their methods bloodier, the battlefield and weapons unfamiliar and to stay alive in this cauldron of plot, betrayal and murder, Hereward and the English must fight as never before.

I’m now looking at seven separate cover designs, trying to choose the best one – all of them are, frankly, excellent.


The Winter Warrior – Published Today



Out in the USA today, from Pegasus Books, in hardback and audiobook.

As a note to European readers, this is a retitled version of Hereward: The Devil’s Army, the second Hereward book.  DO NOT BUY if you already have that version, as will undoubtedly import it.

The Time of the Wolf, the re-titled first Hereward adventure, is also published in the US in paperback today.


The Year Of Writing Dangerously

I don’t understand writers who give up the day-job, then find an office somewhere and spend all day staring at the screen in the same sort of cubicle they may well have occupied when they were wage-slaves.

Why would you do that, when suddenly you can be anywhere?  Giving up the day-job = Freedom!  Being a writer = Freedom!  You no longer have to be tied to an industrial size typewriter.  With the technology available today, you can commune with your muse on feather-light Macbook Air (well, a few feathers…), or iPad or Galaxy tablet, or smartphone.  The tools of the trade have never been so portable, freeing up the writer to follow their craft wherever the mood takes them.

Partly, I think, it’s that a lot of writers are stuck in twentieth-century thinking.  It’s a job – it puts food on the table, it takes a massive amount of effort and concentration – so it has to be treated like a job.  Hard labour in a rabbit-hutch office.  Just so your unconscious, and your loved ones, and friends, don’t think you’re slacking (because secretly you think you are…)

Writing is a job, but it’s not that kind of job.  It’s not digging ditches or making grommets on an industrial estate in Droitwich.  There’s no correlation between the quality of the work and how hard you make the task, or even how much time you spend on the piece.

The correlation is between quality and how quickly, and deeply, and for how long you can immerse yourself in that state of flow – that’s where the brilliance of a piece of writing truly materialises. And you find that immersion when you’re stimulated, not when your surroundings or routine have stultified your brain into jelly.

I write in the garden, in the pub, the cafe, on aeroplanes and trains, on moorland, parks, in a castle, at a zoo, even, once, at the top of the Empire State Building…

I can see the results.  When I’m bored, the writing suffers.  When I’m stimulated by the surroundings, I write better, faster, produce more.

So here’s the thing: for the next year I’m going to document, photographically, some of the places I write – and I’m actively going to seek out unusual locations.  I’ll publish the results here or on the James Wilde Facebook page.  There will be links on Twitter too.  And I’ll use the hashtag #YOWD (Year of Writing Dangerously) so you can search and follow the trail.

And I’d like to throw this open to any other writers – published or soon-to-be published, or not-really-caring-about-being published.  If you’ve got a smartphone, there’s an app – frontback – which is perfectly suited to taking a photo of your location and you in it.  Use the hashtag and let us all see where you’ve created great things, then tell us if it works for you.

Throw off your shackles and be free!