Hereward The Bloody Crown

Here’s the cover:

Hereward 6

Here’s the blurb:

1081. And so the bloody battle for the crown of the Holy Roman Empire begins.
In Constantinople, three factions will go to any length…will kill any number…to seize the throne.
Outside the city’s walls, twin powers threaten a siege that will crush the once-mighty empire forever.
To the west, the bloody forces of the most feared Norman warlord are gathering. In the east, the Ottoman hordes are massing and lust for slaughter.
And in the middle of it all, as the sands of time run out, Hereward and his English spear-brothers prepare to make what could be their final stand . . .

Out this July.  Pre-order it now for your favourite bookseller.

2 thoughts on “Hereward The Bloody Crown”

  1. Sorry for nicety, but why “Ottoman hordes”? First ottoman sultan, named Ottoman (Osman) was borh 250 years later, and seljuqs of 11th century weren’t ottoman

  2. You are, of course, absolutely right. I don’t write the blurb, my publisher does, but it’s definitely my fault for not noticing this. I’ve emailed my editor to get this changed. Thank you for alerting me!

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