Out Today – Hereward The Bloody Crown

The sixth and final book in the Hereward story is published today.

Hereward 6

Get it from your favourite bookshop, or order it here.

Here’s the blurb:

1081. And so the bloody battle for the crown of the Holy Roman Empire begins.
Within the city of Constantinople itself, three venal factions will go to any lengths – will, it seems, kill any who might stand in their way – to seize the throne.
And outside the city’s walls, twin powers threaten a siege that will crush the once-mighty empire forever.
To the west, the voracious forces of the most feared Norman warlord are gathering. While in the east, the Turkish hordes are massing – theirs is a lust for slaughter.
And in the midst of this maelstrom of brutality and betrayal, Hereward and his English spear-brothers prepare to make what could be their final stand . . .

3 thoughts on “Out Today – Hereward The Bloody Crown”

  1. Hello, I’m crazy for Hereward… and want to read more. I’m confused though. The first book I downloaded from Audible was called The Time Of the Wolf by James Wilde and not HEREWARD the Devils Army. I found the second book quite by accident. The Winter Warrior was not listed as part of the series or simply HEREWARD. I read the brief and realized it was the sequel and read it voraciously I cannot find the third or fourth, fifth or sixth books on Audible. Is it or will it be soon? I have trouble seeing and prefer the audio versions but I will download from Amazon to Kindle if that is the only option. I’m happy to hear there are four more books. I am a historical fiction author and can’t seem to get enough. Thank you for your great work.

    1. Good to hear from you, Shirley, and glad you’re enjoying Hereward. Unfortunately you’ve stumbled across the vagaries of UK/US publishing. My US publisher, Pegasus, bought the rights to the first three Hereward books and decided to retitle the first two with titles they felt would be more suitable for US readers – so The Time of the Wolf is the UK’s Hereward, and The Winter Warrior is the UK’s The Devil’s Army. Pegasus took the audio rights for the first book too, hence the version you have from Audible. There aren’t any more audio versions planned, unfortunately, so the ebook is probably the best way to go.

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