Reader Recommendations

For once, it’s not all about me, me, me… If you found your way here after plucking Hereward off the shelves of your local supermarket or bookstore (and I’m including virtual shelves here, as we career headlong into the 21st century…), you may well be wondering what to read next.

If you want to dawdle in the age of Saxons and Normans, blood, mud and cold stone for a little longer, why not take a look at James Aitcheson and his novel Sworn Sword, or the marvellously sprawling epic Hawk Quest by Robert Lyndon.

But with the whole of history to investigate, don’t stop there. Anthony Riches, Ben Kane and M C (Manda) Scott offer bloody battles and intrigue in the days of Rome.

And if Hereward has given you a taste for other great English heroes, try Angus Donald’s new tales of Robin Hood.

Finally, for those who prefer a sprinkling of the fantastic on their history, take a look at M D Lachlan’s myths of vikings and werewolves.

More to follow…!

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