Welcome To My Office

Finished the first draft of a movie script today. That seemed good enough a reason to celebrate. When you spend all your working day in solitary confinement hunched over a screen, trust me, you seize every moment to embrace life. Took myself down to my current favourite libation emporium, the Hagen and Hyde in Balham, South London (current, because I’ve lived all over the place, in the UK and the US, and fully expect to roll up in many more spots).

I’ve written before about how pubs are creative spaces for writers, where you can completely detach from the world-drone and disappear into your head. The dream-space.  I like it there, watching the comings and goings, overhearing snippets of conversations, seeing stories manifest before my eyes.

The beer in the photo looks like orange syrup, and that’s not far off how it appeared when it came out of the tap. I like craft beer and trying new tastes. This was a new taste. It’s a Siren Craft Brew Soundwave Sour Session IPA, with sour being the operative word. It’s made with mango and passionfruit. Not to everybody’s taste, admittedly, but I like to go on a journey.

Also did some phone business with my agent while I was there.  I take perverse pleasure in his clear irritation that I’m working while I’m kicking back in a pub, while he’s stuck in an office.

And if you fancy going on a journey too in the run up to Christmas, and you haven’t yet jumped on board, try out the new novel.