The Winter Warrior – Published Today



Out in the USA today, from Pegasus Books, in hardback and audiobook.

As a note to European readers, this is a retitled version of Hereward: The Devil’s Army, the second Hereward book. ┬áDO NOT BUY if you already have that version, as will undoubtedly import it.

The Time of the Wolf, the re-titled first Hereward adventure, is also published in the US in paperback today.


2 thoughts on “The Winter Warrior – Published Today”

  1. The Devil’s Army, The Winter Warrior???? Why would you change the name of a book and confuse loyal readers? I don’t get it.

  2. You’re acting like I actually have some control over these things, Gordon! Long story short: I write the book, but once it’s in the hands of a publisher, contractually, they can pretty much do what they want with it – change the title, decide on a cover… The only thing they *have* to do is to keep the text intact.

    I’m not happy with this – it’s caused a huge amount of confusion – but the US publisher wanted a title they felt was more suited to the US market.

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